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High School in Queretaro Mexico

High School in Queretaro with academic excellence

Newland is a High School in Queretaro with the best international academic and bilingual programs for children from Pre Kinder to Junior High School.

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Our unique learning system with international academic programs, complementary activities and our distinctive program called Philosophy for Children make possible for us to be the best High School in Queretaro.


Your children will have access to the best educational methodology in any academic grade available.


The approach on academic development that we offer in this Hish School in Queretaro enables the children´s cognitive and social skills to develop at the same time they learn useful tools for their general knowledge. The learning by doing method enables us to develop in every student the opportunity of learning by his/her own in order to become more independent and curious about the environment that surrounds him/her.


Newland´s bilingual education in Queretaro system enables our foreign students to learn practice and improve Spanish as their second language. You will notice your child´s growth on his/her ethical and critical thinking for developing the necessary skills to belong to any society that they are presented to. We also develop the student´s interest for learning new intellectual and academic concepts. 

In this High School in Queretaro we believe that it is not necessary to adopt neither repetitive learning systems, nor endless homework in order to develop the student´s academic skills. We lay on the notion that learning in group by researching and debating on different topics and projects, the students are more receptive to remember complex academic concepts and, more importantly, they notice how these notions apply on their everyday life. They are guided all the time by trained teachers to reinforce the cognitive development of our children.


We offer the opportunity to travel abroad for academic activities in our international programs.


Our Primary and Junior High School in Queretaro students participate in one of our annual field trips to the U.S.A. or Europe. We have designed academic programs where our students expand their horizons by visiting different countries. They learn about the different local cultures and reinforce any academic concept they have learned throughout their workshops by attending museums and interesting academic sites.

The true spirit of a bilingual school in Queretaro should involve permanent academic interaction with students abroad. Students in Newland have the opportunity to work on academic projects with students all over the world in order to get acquainted with other points of view and ways of seeing life. Guided by their teachers, students are able to discuss their academic discoveries with some other students located miles away from their home.


This bilingual education in Queretaro works side by side with the BBC´s student programs by participating in several international forums where students discuss interesting scientific topics. This common effort from both institutions has the aim to ensure the Mexican academic participation in the international community and getting students used to speak in front of great audiences.

Convivencia de alumnos de kinder, primaria y secundaria en NWL Corregidora Querétaro

Our Philosophy for Children program reinforces the student´s character.


Newland is the only bilingual school in Queretaro that offers the Philosophy for Children learning program in all its academic levels. This system has the aim of giving our students some techniques of developing a positive and useful interaction with their environment. Our students develop a better capacity of reasoning, researching and finding possible solutions for every intellectual enquiry that is presented to them.


Our teachers use the Philosophy for Children program to foster in our children certain abilities like listening to others, respect for everyone´s opinion and how to incorporate new knowledge for their own benefit. Our students become more curious about their environment and visualize different solutions to solve one problem. This system is applied in all our workshops.

The Philosophy for Children does not intend to introduce our students to the different philosophical theories from the great thinkers of our time. It is understood as the teaching of different skills that enable a person to answer all kinds of intellectual and spiritual questions that shape everyone´s reality.  This system reinforces our children´s reasoning skills that enable their ethical and critical senses. This is why Newland is the best bilingual school in Queretaro.

Our bilingual education in Queretaro is one step ahead. Come and visit Newland's facilities, our staff is ready to assist you.

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