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Bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro Mexico

The best education in our bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro

Newland is a bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro where we work on children´s development in a general basis to ease their transition to Elementary school.

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To introduce our little ones to social and cognitive development, this private bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro works on giving each child a personal attention in a specifically designed space for his/her needs.


Witness your child´s continuous growth and development in many intellectual areas.


You will be pleased when your child starts questioning his/her environment and has the ability to solve complex intellectual challenges. Our students become more independent and self-confident by finding their own knowledge in several fields. They discuss all kinds of academic topics with their classmates in order to increase their perspective.

Our educational program is based on a continuous collaboration between this bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro, its children and their parents to work as a great big team. Our students develop strong abilities to be able to face their circumstance in the society they live in. Tolerance, respect for others opinions and self-confidence are some of the values that our students develop during their stay in Pre Kinder.

In this bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro your little ones will develop their logical reasoning and will learn to use complex resolutions for different kinds of challenges. Our educational program gives the students a chance to develop a sensible receptivity to other people´s opinions and ideas. The development of these skills make our students stand out in any group or environment as they are more self-confident and restless.


We have the best educational programs to help our little ones to start practicing a second language.


The children of this bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro have are taught equally in English and Spanish to introduce them to a second language, This is very important for not only start learning how to properly communicate with other, but also to expand their ability to learn difficult academic concepts that they will face in the future.

Newland has the honor to be one of the BBC´s correspondent schools. This English network offers schools all over the world academic programs for students to participate in. Older children discuss academic topics on real time with peers all over the world. The BBC also has interesting academic programs for the little ones and they help us to give our children the best possible attention.

For children of elementary and Junior High school grades from this bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro, whose first language is Spanish, certify their English knowledge with the Cambridge University examination tests. Our international educational programs ensure that students who learn English as a second language can communicate fluently with their foreign peers and have the ability to communicate efficiently in English. This cannot be possible if we don’t start teaching English since an early age.

Estudiantes de maternal del colegio NWL San Miguel de Allende mostrando interés y concentración en sus actividades escolares

Our little ones will become more independent with our program Philosophy for Children.


We use a very interesting educational program called Philosophy for Children that emphasizes the development of logical, creative and ethical thinking to our little ones. It enhances high intellectual performance of children by introducing them some methods to develop their self-confidence and curiosity for questioning their environment and their role in it. Our children become more independent and improve their social skills.

This bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro also uses the Philosophy for Children program to help the students to build their own knowledge and to be able to have a good academic performance, even at this age. They will start questioning everything of their environment and be able to start defining their personality.

The Philosophy for Children is endorsed by the UNESCO for its educational value. This bilingual Pre Kinder in Queretaro is one of the few schools in Mexico that uses this program as a standard procedure for working with children, even though it is used in more than 77 countries all over the world. This method was born in the U.S.A. and we have found that its use increases our children´s skills and values. All our teachers and the professionals that have contact with our children are trained with this important learning program and children love learning new abilities and skills. Come, we are waiting for you, we want to meet you.

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