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Kindergarten in Queretaro Mexico

The best option is our Kindergarten in Queretaro

Newland is a bilingual Kindergarten in Queretaro with great educational programs, bilingual training courses and a high level learning instruction.

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In this Kindergarten in Queretaro we believe in new and fun ways to develop in our children a vivid interest for acquiring knowledge and explore by their own their environment and the people who live in it.


Children of 3 years and older can be part of our Kindergarten in Queretaro educational community.


This bilingual Kindergarten in Queretaro uses several educational methods like Educational Digital Technologies for elementary school students and the official studying programs from the government educational department. These programs ensure the child´s development on intellectual and social skills that would prepare them for their future academic education.

We take advantage of the children´s natural curiosity of exploring new concepts to develop high intellectual skills. We have developed a learning by doing method in which the children, guided by their teachers, build by themselves their own knowledge and develop academic abilities which enables them to be interested in learning something new all the time.

Elementary school students are naturally sensible and restless. Our educational programs are specially thought for redirecting the child´s sensibility to develop high academic performance skills. We also introduce our children to basic important values, such as tolerance, respect and care for others and self-confidence. It is very important for this Kindergarten in Queretaro to be able to develop in its students a sense of belonging and respect for nature and their environment.


Newland students share their knowledge with peers form different countries and cultures.


We start our bilingual education even in our Pre-Kinder children as a result of an ambitious international educational program. As a bilingual Kindergarten in Queretaro, all the students are introduced to a new language since they are young, not only because we live in a globalized era. It is well known that children who learn a second language develop high intellectual skills and expand their cultural references.


Newland students have permanent communication with students all over the world to discuss several academic and social topics, as well as being exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. For this reason Newland receives many foreign students whose first language is English. In these cases, students from abroad can learn Spanish as their second language.

Students from this bilingual Kindergarten in Queretaro have access to the BBC´s learning programs. Modern technology makes possible for us to be in permanent contact with this prestigious educational networking and being able to participate in its educational learning programs. Our children find it interesting to get acquainted with peers from other cultures and discover different ways of life. All our students receive the same studying hours in English and Spanish.

Sonríe estudiante de kinder de la escuela NWL Milenio

More independence, free willing and learning skills for students of all ages.


The methodology of a great program called Philosophy for Children emphasizes the development of logical, creative and ethical thinking. It enhances high intellectual performance of children by introducing them some methods to develop their self-confidence and curiosity for questioning their environment and their role in it. This program helps the students to follow logical sequences to help their reasoning skills.

This bilingual Kindergarten in Queretaro also uses the Philosophy for Children program to help the students to build their own knowledge and to be able to have a good academic performance. They will discuss the importance and purpose of any intellectual quest and they will decide for their own its proper value and its use.


The Philosophy for Children is endorsed by the UNESCO for its educational value. This Kindergarten in Queretaro is one of the few schools in Mexico that uses this program as a standard procedure for working with children, even though it is used in more than 77 countries all over the world. This method was born in the U.S.A. and we have found that its use increases our children´s skills and values. All our teachers and the professionals that have contact with our children are trained with this important learning program, so they can assist the students at all time and develop in them a sense of independence and self-confidence.

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