Private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro

Private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro

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Newland is the only private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro that offers a specific academic program for Junior High School students.

Students in this private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro explore and transform their own ideas, helped by our educational method, which is specifically thought for developing important skills in this stage of the student´s intellectual growth.

We encourage our students to be sensible, confident and happy.


Our academic program takes advantage of the student´s transition from childhood to adolescence.

Students in this stage of their development always ask themselves what kind of person are they going to become and in what type of society they expect to live in. This private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro enables the students to discuss these and other important questions with their classmates in order to reach a solid and positive identity.

Newland´s academic programs are based on four main areas, such as the Investigation anf High Level Thinking Centre, the Support and Integration Centre, the Newland Methodology, Educative Digital Technologies and our Talent Development. With this pedagogic systems our Junior High School students can develop their investigation and interpretation skills.

This private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro has supportive workshops where the students practice their self-knowledge, artistic expression and appreciation, survival strategies, Digital Literacy and physical education. Junior High School students develop these kinds of activities during the school´s extended schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will also have weekly access to several disciplines like Italian and French classes, theatre workshops, football, basketball, taekwondo and cheerleading activities. These complementary workshops will help to develop in our students several aptitudes to help them to be competitive in several fields.


Junior High School students constantly interact with foreign peers from all over the world.

Our bilingual system includes the same studying hours in English and Spanish. This feature makes possible for our students to learn and practice a second language. There is no other institution in the area that offers these types of international academic programs. This private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro offers all kinds of opportunities to reinforce in the students the proper communication skills.

Our students travel each year to Europe, where they develop interesting academic activities in important countries like England, France and Belgium. Our students are able to learn and understand different cultures and make new friends. These kinds of experiences help to develop in each student a particular way to see the world and to incorporate new ideas to their own.

This private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro also belongs to the BBC´s correspondent schools. In this academic program from this important educational institution, our students are able to discuss in different international forums several academic topics in science and social sciences. The BBC International Student Program invites students from all over the world to participate in its forums. Newland is the only school in Mexico with permanent membership for this important educational program.


With our Philosophy for Children methodology, your children will become more independent.

The Philosophy for Children is a learning method in which the students of this private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro develop thinking skills of great importance. This learning method was born in the U.S.A. and it´s been adopted by several academic institutions around the world. The students develop several abilities which help them to solve problems of high intellectual complexity.

Newland is the only private bilingual Junior High School in Queretaro that offers this learning model. It helps children and adolescents to become more assertive and confident when making decisions, as they are aware of the consequences of their own acts. They also become less and less dependent from their teachers and parents in order to develop their own criteria to solve different situations around their environment.

Our students in Newland develop the ability to listen to other opinions and include them to their own perspective. As a result, they generally have a positive attitude towards their environment and the people involved in it. The Philosophy for Children is also a valuable tool to develop important thinking skills that will help our children and adolescents in several areas of their personal and professional future growth.