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Primary school in Queretaro

We are the best primary school in Queretaro.

With excellence in education and the same studying hours in English and Spanish, Newland is the best primary school in Queretaro.

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Newland is a primary school in Queretaro with important educational alliances within international organizations and universities. Our aim is to bring our students the best methodologies and educational programs available for Elementary schools.


Witness your child´s continuous knowledge development in several areas.


You will be surprised when your children start questioning their environment and have the ability to solve complex intellectual enquiries. They will become more independent and self-confident finding by themselves new and exciting knowledge fields. With their classmates, they will discuss all kinds of academic topics in order to increase their wisdom.

Our educational methodology is based on a continuous collaboration between this bilingual Elementary school in Queretaro, its students and their parents to achieve a common goal. Our students develop strong abilities to be able to face their circumstance in the society they live in. They learn important values, such as tolerance, respect for others opinions and self-confidence.

In this primary school in Queretaro your children will develop their logical reasoning and to use the scientific explanation based in facts to find intellectual solutions to different kinds of enquiries. Our educational program gives the students a chance to develop a sensible receptivity to other people´s opinions and ideas. They will be able to choose those useful ideas to enrich their own knowledge and thoughts. These characteristics make our students to stand out in any group or environment and quickly become natural leaders.


We know about the importance of having high standard international studying programs.


The students of this bilingual Elementary school in Queretaro have the chance to make educational field trips to foreign cities like New York. Beside of visiting important educational sites like museums and entertainment centers, our students learn more about the birthplace of our famous educational program called Philosophy for Children, at the MontClair University.

We welcome all the foreign students who want to learn Spanish as their second language or those whose parents, for working reasons, have to live in our city. As every workshop in Newland is taught in English and Spanish, our foreign students find it easy to learn Spanish. We also have Italian and French classes for those students interested in learning more than two languages. Get to know our primary school in Queretaro.

For our native Spanish speakers, this private Elementary school in Queretaro offers the opportunity to certify their English knowledge with the Cambridge University English Examinations as a Second Language. We maintain permanent communication with some schools abroad like Bohunt in England to develop educational projects for students of both institutions. They have weekly discussions about different academic and social topics in order to find new perspectives of seeing life and to learn how to work as a team.

Convivencia de alumnos de kinder, primaria y secundaria en NWL Corregidora Querétaro

Endorsed by the UNESCO, Philosophy for Children improves the student´s intellectual skills.


The Philosophy for Children program of this bilingual Elementary school in Queretaro has the objective of developing in our students different kinds of abilities for a better relationship with their environment. Newland is one of the few schools in the country that has enabled this learning program to its general educational methodology. It emphasizes the logical and creative skills of every student.

Every child asks himself questions like who am I? And what I am here for? These kind of questions may be answered bay each student with the proper guidance and stimulation. Our students have frequent discussions about what kind of world they wish to live in and what it takes to make their dreams come true.

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Combined with group discussions, theoretical concepts and guidance, the students of this private bilingual Elementary school in Queretaro quickly develop a sense of independence and self-confidence. They face any enquiry using high performance intellectual skills and awareness of the consequences of every choice they make. All our teachers work with the children following the methodology of the Philosophy for Children program. If you wish to know more about this and our other educational programs, please contact us and make an appointment in order to be able to give you all the information you need.

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