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Private school with personal attention in Queretaro

Private school with personal attention in Queretaro

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Newland is a private school with personal attention in Queretaro concerned for giving its students great educational and international studying programs.

This private school with personal attention in Queretaro has developed educational programs to develop the students´ general growth by giving tools to be interested in self-knowledge by researching academic concepts for themselves and then discuss them in group.

Totally bilingual, in Newland we lay the path for a great education.


It is important for the student to notice why knowledge essential for his/her personal growth.

Newland´s educational programs are based on giving the children the necessary tools for developing a rational, creative, logical and ethical thinking. This private school with personal attention in Queretaro takes on consideration the particularities of each student to be able to bring him/her the best possible attention and to create a specific educational program depending on his/her learning skills.

There are only 18 students per workshop to ensure a personal attention for each one and be able to have a good interaction with the teachers and the other classmates. This also ensures a good develop on social and cultural skills. Our workshops not only involve a proper academic program. We also develop artistic and physical skills on our dancing and theatre classes, as well as our football and basketball courses.

All students in Newland have to choose at least one workshop once a week. There are many options available. These workshops help the students of this private school with personal attention in Queretaro to develop social skills, such as respect for others opinion and to be able to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Tolerance and respect for others are important values of Newland. The students need to be able to speak out their thoughts in a respectful environment, so they can achieve confidence in themselves. In this environment the student finds that the learning processes are fun and realizes the real importance of knowledge.


We have developed the best educational programs to help our students to practice a second language.

The students of this private school with personal attention in Queretaro have access to workshops designed to learn and practice a second language. Workshops are taught equally in English and Spanish and there are specific courses for learning Italian and French. Learning a second or third language enables the student to open up his/her horizons to different cultures and ways of thinking.

Newland has the honor to be one of the BBC´s correspondent schools. This English network offers schools all over the world academic programs for students to participate in. They discuss academic topics on real time with peers all over the world. Students from Newland expose in these forums several local themes that have international impact. This reinforces the student´s general view of the challenges for future commonwealth.

Children from this private school with personal attention in Queretaro whose first language is Spanish certify their English knowledge with the Cambridge University examination tests. Our international educational programs ensure that students who learn English as a second language can communicate fluently with their foreign peers and have the ability to communicate efficiently in English. Our Italian and French workshops are thought to give our international learning programs more perspective and possibilities for local and foreign students.


Reasons for choosing Newland over other institutions for your children´s education.

This private school with personal attention in Queretaro uses a great educational program called Philosophy for Children. This method helps the teacher to develop in the student a feeling of pleasure for acquiring knowledge, as he/she discovers the many achievements he or she can reach with knowledge. The student also develops important thinking skills to be able to reach a high intellectual performance.

With the Philosophy for Children, students ask themselves different questions about their environment in order to set up their own context and roll in the society they live in. This stimulates a high reasoning level in each student and helps him/her to become more independent and confident.

Being in this private school with personal attention in Queretaro, you will notice in your children a positive attitude towards their family, friends, classmates and teachers, as they will have the possibility and right spaces to develop all their capacities. You will also notice in your child certain independence and curiosity to explore his/her environment with confidence and thinking about the consequences of his/her own actions.