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Private bilingual education in Queretaro

Private bilingual education in Queretaro

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Newland has a private bilingual education in Queretaro for any foreign student. It is a place where your children will develop their academic potential.

We believe that the purpose of a private bilingual education in Queretaro is to develop in the student the ability to research the necessary data to solve any enquiry that is presented and to seize valuable information and incorporate it to his/her general knowledge.

Newland is the place to enhance the integral education of children.


Our educational system gives more importance to learning in group rather than giving homework. 

Our students develop their learning processes by doing several educational projects, investigations and debates. We believe that repetition learning programs and homework are no longer the best way to acquire intellectual skills. Teachers in Newland serve as guides in order to develop in our children a complete knowledge by discussing several academic topics with their classmates. This is the new way of private bilingual education in Queretaro.

Our educational method for our students of Pre-Kinder, Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School is based on learning programs in which each student will acquire the necessary skills to learn academic concepts in group discussions. This way of learning and sharing information helps to interiorize each concept in the student´s mind and construe any concept available.

Newland´s educational programs help our students to develop logical and creative thinking to find all the necessary answers to their academic and intellectual life. These skills also develop assertive conducts in the child´s social and family environment, as they learn the ability to listen and interact with different types of personalities. You will notice that your child is going to develop an analytic behavior and independence. This private bilingual education in Queretaro has also several backup workshops which include physical education, Digital Literacy, artistic appreciation and survival strategies.


Newland has the best international programs for any foreign student living in Mexico.

A private bilingual education in Queretaro should offer the study of a second language as a necessary tool for this globalized world. Newland´s academic structure is thought to give our students the exact same learning hours in English and Spanish. This will help our foreign students to learn the local language faster without having to renounce English as their first language.

Newland students have the opportunity to participate in weekly debates with students all over the world thanks to our international educational program. In these workshops, our children learn about different ways of thinking and living by discussing different topics which include academic concepts. We have permanent communication with our sister school in Bohunt, England.

In Newland we enhance a private bilingual education in Queretaro by making several educational field trips to Europe and U.S.A. for our Primary and Junior High School students. We prepare several activities in which our children reinforce their already acquired knowledge, such as visits to important museums and places of academic interest. We also enhance our children’s respect for nature by travelling all the way to Costa Rica for a nature acknowledge trip.


Your child will question his environment and will have the interest of investigating by his own.

Endorsed by the UNESCO, our private bilingual education in Queretaro is reinforced by a unique educational system called Philosophy for Children. This method enables us to develop the capacity to apply different thinking skills for the resolution of problems in all our students. These skills reinforce the child´s character and turn him/her more intuitive and assertive to solve high intellectual enquiries.

All the teachers that have contact with our children are trained with the Philosophy for Children learning method. That is why this pedagogic proposal has become our distinctive feature for working with children. Our students develop the ability to listen to others, the logical reasoning and the coalescence of different points of view to their own perspective.

Newland is the only school that offers private bilingual education in Queretaro and practices Philosophy for Children as a learning method. A student from Newland immediately distinguish himself from others in any social context as he finds for himself different solutions to solve any problem, he has the sensibility to listen and learn from others and to respect everyone´s opinion. It is no surprise that a Newland student quickly becomes a natural leader.