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Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro

Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro

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Once you become acquainted with all your child will be able to learn, you will find Newland the best kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro.

We are interested in developing in all our students a strong intellectual development by enhancing the learning experience through fun activities and encouraging our children to seek knowledge by themselves in this Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro.

Comprehensive education with interesting and fun learning activities.


Our educational norm enhances the students´ investigations and interpretation of given information.

Newland´s learning methodology is based on developing the student´s knowledge through academic processes starting in our kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro. Our educational strategy includes learning projects which develop the child´s physical, social and cultural abilities. We complete this methodology with innovative educational programs, which are used in many elementary schools all over the world.

One of the main foundations in which our educational pattern is based, is the Development of Integral Talent. It helps the student to develop integral thoughts by attending survival workshops, theater and dance classes. This pattern takes on consideration the student´s personal attention, learning by doing and the Newland Values which include the development of tolerance and respect of nature and everyone around the child´s environment.

This Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro has the ability to enhance the student´s integral development by taking on consideration the particular needs of every child by learning more about his/her interests and way of thinking. We are sensible about the fact that each child has a particular way of developing knowledge and social skills. This enables us to give useful tools to teachers and parents about the best method to give attention and support to each child.


Learning a second language is very useful for our children in this globalized world.

This kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro gives foreign students the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language or even as their first language if the intention is to stay definitely in Mexico. All our teachers speak English as a second language and all the workshops and classes are equally given in English and Spanish. Newland also has close relationships with great international educational institutions like the BBC.

Newland´s students have permanent communication with foreign peers from Bohunt School in England, as they altogether develop learning projects in important areas like science. Newland´s international educational programs also include educational field trips to New York, Paris and Belgium for our Secondary and Junior High School students. This will encourage our students to learn more about other cultures.

For our students who are learning English as a second language, we have the ability to certify their learning skills by presenting any of the certification examinations given by important educational institutions like Cambridge University. This gives our students the opportunity to certify their English knowledge by presenting the Key English Test (KET) or the Preliminary English Test (PET). This is why Newland is the best Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro.


Your child in Kindergarten will question his/her environment with new acquired learning tools.

Newland´s pedagogic method Philosophy for Children gives the students the necessary tools for developing independence and the urge to find for themselves the answers for intellectual enquiries. We develop specific skills in order to give each student the possibility to interact correctly with themselves and others. That is why Newland is a Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro.

All our teachers are formed to induce the student’s capacity to think over different possible solutions for one particular problem, taking on consideration several options and their possible consequences. This will help your child to develop a creative criteria and ethical reasoning in order to face and overcome any intellectual obstacle in his/her professional and personal future.

The Philosophy for Children program of this Kindergarten with personal attention in Queretaro will help your child to develop the necessary tools to interact correctly with the society in which he/she is going to live in. Our elementary school education takes advantage of the child´s sensible periods for developing important ideas like a right interaction with a certain community, respect of others and listening to everyone´s opinion. These tools will enrich your child´s aptitudes towards anything that he/she decides to develop in his/her future professional career.