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Elementary School with personal attention in Queretaro

Elementary School with personal attention in Queretaro

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Newland is an Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro where students have the opportunity to develop their physical and emotional growth.

The academic system this Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro involves continuous activities that enable the students to develop academic and intellectual skills. As a bilingual school, all the activities are equally divided into English and Spanish.

Newland is a place where the students develop their academic growth.


Your children in Elementary school will have access to the best educational methodology available.

Our approach on the Elementary school academic enables the children´s cognitive and social skills to develop at the same time they learn how to seek information by their own. This Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro uses the learning by doing method develop in every student the opportunity rely by himself/herself on approaching any intellectual quest and by this to become more independent and curious.

Newland´s bilingual education enables our foreign students to learn and practice Spanish as their second language. We also work on the student´s ethical and critical thinking for developing the necessary skills to belong to any society that they are presented to. Our personal attention to each student gives us the opportunity to learn more about his/her intellectual and academic interests.

In this Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro we believe that it is not necessary put our students on repetitive learning systems or useless homework in order to develop his/her academic skills. We set our study workshops on the notion that learning in group by researching and debating on different topics and projects is a much more efficient way to increase the student´s knowledge. The children notice how these notions apply on their everyday life with the guidance of trained teachers to reinforce their cognitive development.


Learning a second language enables our children to be competitive in this globalized world.

This Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro offers foreign students the opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language. All our teachers speak English as a second language and our workshops and classes are equally taught in English and Spanish. Newland also has close relationships with great international educational institutions like the University of Cambridge to reinforce our international academic programs.

Students in Newland have permanent communication with foreign children from Bohunt School in England, as they altogether develop projects in different areas like science and art. Newland´s international educational programs include educational field trips to New York in response of an increasingly need to show our students important historical events that could be taught only by visiting the places where they happened.

We have the ability to certify our Spanish speaking students of their learning skills by presenting any of the certification examinations given by the Cambridge University. This gives our students the opportunity to certify their English knowledge by presenting the Key English Test for Elementary school students and the Preliminary English Test for our Junior High School students. This is why Newland is the best Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro.


Your child will be in relation with his environment and become interest of thinking by himself.

Our Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro is proud to offer to its students a unique educational system called Philosophy for Children. This method helps us to develop the student´s ability to apply different intellectual skills for any problem resolution. These skills reinforce the child´s character and turn him/her more intuitive and assertive and sensible to other people´s opinions.

All the teachers who have contact with our students are trained with the Philosophy for Children learning method. Our pedagogic proposal has become our distinctive feature and has given great results. The students in Elementary school develop the ability to listen to others, a logical reasoning and the coalescence of different points of view to their own perspective.

This Elementary school with personal attention in Queretaro practices Philosophy for Children as a learning method. Any student from Newland immediately distinguishes himself from as he finds for himself different solutions to solve any problem. They are noticed for their sensibility to listen and learn from others and to respect everyone´s opinion. It is no surprise that a Newland student quickly becomes a natural leader who knows how to work as a team.